View from the Besselpark 2009

Living at the "Preußische Nullpunkt"

The Metropolenhaus attracts one's attention immediately by its openness towards three sides. Since it is located next to the Besselpark the living units are hence provided with panoramic views and a high density of light.
An optimal link to the public transport network (five minutes walking distance from the underground station Kochstraße) and a nearby taxi rank guarantee high mobility and flexibility.

From 1835 until 1915 there was an observatory, built by Karl Friedrich Schinkel, right behind the property of the Metropolenhaus. At its northern wing the Preußische Nullpunkt (sea level) was situated. Up to 1992 'sea level' was the official reference for all heights above sea level. It was introduced in 1879 for land surveying in Prussia and within a few years was adopted by all German states