Penthouse METROPOLENHAUS Alte Jakobstraße 166/167


Freely combine living, dwelling and working? In an green oasis in the middle of the city? Metropolenhaus is tailor-made just for that. Its faces the street to the northwest and the garden to the southeast. The residents knowingly sense the course of the seasons in the communal garden. Each of the 21 units has its own loggia greened with plants or a garden terrace or roof terrace, which are offset from one another or gain privacy through shifts in the building walls.

The energy concept provides for the KfW 70 standard. This is more stringent than the rigorous requirements of the current energy conservation ordinance. A so-called KfW Efficiency House 70 needs, with regard to the heated building area, 30 percent less primary energy per year than a building that merely complies with the minimum standard.

Metropolenhaus is supplied with heat from Vattenfall’s district heating system. Using cogeneration, heat and electricity are generated simultaneously and the primary energy resources are utilized more efficiently than with conventional electricity or only generating plant heat. The CO2 emissions are reduced especially since no combustion whatsoever takes place directly at Metropolenhaus. That way, the micro-atmosphere remains clean. The risk of outages with district heating is reduced to a minimum compared to a conventional boiler plant.